}, If you spill something on your mattress and it gets wet, wipe the liquid with a cloth, remove the cover and air the mattress core till it is dry. Organic & Natural Fibers: All our mattresses and bedding are made with the finest fibers on Earth. Please take extreme care so as not to damage your item. Its worth it though. The mattress is designed for sleeping on and sitting on the edge can cause damage and place undue stress on this area of the mattress. Their Talalay Latex is Cradle-to-Cradle certified. function switch_view(){ thumbs : { So businesses like to brand their products ‘organic’ just so they can sell. You can then use the mattress again. Naturally fire retardant without the use of chemicals. These organizations conduct on-site visits to the production plants and verify just how organic is a given mattress brand. The textiles in this mattress are GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standards).Our natural latex is sourced from Sri Lanka and is certified to GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standards), it is entirely natural, chemical and metal free. They are then blended to make a material for a breathable surface for the mattress. } The Pure Echo is made with a pocketed coil innerspring and pressure-relieving 100% GOTS certified organic cotton batting that acts as the main comfort layer. The 18cm natural latex core is finished with zip-off removable organic cotton cover quilted with layers of pure organic merino wool . Latex is hypo- allergenic and breathes to keep you warm in winters and cool in summers. And our latex is GOLS Organic, Standard 100 OEKO-TEX®, eco-INSTITUT®, USDA … Its internal components include 9-inch pocketed coils, which reviewers claim to be thicker than what you get in other mattresses of its category. arrows : false, Firm mattresses are good for bigger and heavier people with body weight over 90kg. Additionally, during the production process of the mattresses, there are no synthetic chemicals or components added. Click on the logos above to see our certificates. The mattress must be kept dry. This mattress is made up of a Dunlop latex comfort layer with pocket coils measuring some 8-inch. 100% Organic Cotton; 6" of 100% Natural Latex; Flippable Which latex is better - Dunlop or Talalay? Can't recommend these guys highly enough. YKK premium zipper. Here at Una Mattress, we want you and your family to have the best night’s sleep possible. } Organic Wool Batting Wool has inherent fire-resistant and temperature regulating properties which keeps the surface of our mattress cool and comfortable while simultaneously allowing the mattress to meet federal flammability requirements. Naturally fire retardant without the use of chemicals. from which the organic mattresses are made from must be produced organically. That makes an organic latex mattress ideal if you want to fight off dust mites, fungus, bedbugs, mold, and bacteria among other allergens. closeEffect : 'none', this.title = 'Image ' + (this.index + 1) + ' of ' + this.group.length + (this.title ? ' It comes from the rubber tree. This can adversely affect not only the fabrics but also the fillings inside. Nature Baby have organic wool and cotton bassinette mattresses. When paired with a super-soft quilted Euro top layer made with organic cotton, the result provides an ideal sleep experience. Savvy Rest mattresses use Certified Organic Dunlop Latex, Certified Organic Wool and Certified Organic Cotton. All thanks to its organic latex, organic wool, or organic cotton components that naturally wick away body moisture. Lots of info on the site to help you choose the right mattress for you, lots of choice, helpful and *knowledgeable* staff (not some random call-centre) and they keep their promises on price, delivery and everything else. Depending on the quality of latex and other materials used to manufacture the bed, a good quality latex mattress will last you 10-12 years. [CDATA[ Most brands advertising ‘organic’ products often have just one component meeting the definition. afterLoad : function() { OrganicTextiles 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper, Queen Size 3" Thick, Medium Firm, Organic Cotton Fabric Topper Cover Protector Included. Useful Tips When ordering Your Latex Mattress, Differences between Latex and Memory Foam. They include the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) and the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). View our large selection of Latex mattresses on sale for the lowest prices guaranteed. The colour, texture, pinholes and edging of the real product may appear different. The bed base is also very important and works in harmony with the mattress. show_more(); nextEffect : 'none', Pictures and diagrams are for ilustrative purposes only. Our Latex Cores are 100% pure Dunlop and never include synthetic latex blends. Call (01395) 239832 The latex is made from the sap of the latex tree making it an all natural material. Covers vary on organic latex mattresses but in many cases they will be composed of organic cotton. from which the organic mattresses are made from must be produced organically. The organic cotton knit fabric, which was designed specifically for our mattress, provides a soft and flexible surface to the outside of the mattress. So please check out our range of organic natural 100% certified mattresses and pillows today, and come join the organic revolution! openEffect : 'none', The second latex-free option is a futon or wool mattress. Note: NO polyurethane foams, NO memory foams, NO synthetic foams, NO latex blends, NO chemical adhesives between the comfort layers, and NO chemical flame retardants are used! This is a two sided mattress and you can use both sides. The Original Organic Latex Mattress is naturally breathable and feels cool in summer and warm in winter. function show_more(){ But please get in touch for a free consultation to help you find the right one. The two mattresses in our rating are made with organic materials like wool and cotton instead of polyester and nylon, and natural latex foam instead of polyurethane foam. Hybrid Latex Mattress new The mattress, evolved. Organic Materials | Certified organic latex, 100% certified organic cotton & natural wool Mattress Type | Organic latex hybrid Features | 365-night trial, lifetime warranty, free shipping Eco-Friendly Mattress Sizes | Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King & Cal King Where to Buy | Online Price of Queen | $1199. openEffect : 'none', Certified organic mattresses and bedding, made by hand in California at our own Eco-Factory™ since 1997. jQuery("#video_container hr:gt(2)").hide('slow'); All deliveries, returns and exchanges are free of charge and arrange by us. prevEffect : 'none', With us, you will never sleep the same again, browse our huge range of organic, natural & luxury mattresses, toppers, bedding and beds for babies through to adults. GOTS-certified organic cotton & wool, GOLS-certified natural latex. Let us now delve into where to buy the best organic mattress on the market in the UK today. Plushbeds Botanical Bliss is another popular organic latex mattress with almost every “green” certification a mattress manufacturer can have. .fancybox({ Not only is their latex 100% USDA Certified Organic, but also are GreenGuard Gold Certified, GOLS certified latex, GOTS certified organic cotton, GOTS certified organic wool and only 1% of mattress companies receive this. While it might be true their products are organic, it is a whole different matter on just how organic, organic is! Organic Cotton woven in the Carolinas. Please keep packaging away from children. } Organic cotton mattresses contain no harsh chemicals that could be released into the air you breathe or come in contact with your skin causing irritation. This non-toxic mattress has got an organic cotton cover, wool batting, and latex core. For instance, an organic latex mattress will distribute your body pressure evenly across your body. Latex mattresses offer the support of memory foam without a feeling of being trapped, more bounce and will conform to the general shape of the body rather than the exact shape. This is ideal for partners who have various preferences on mattress firmness. Latex for Less Mattress is an affordable organic mattress handcrafted in America. Available in your choice of white or natural these sheets are a cozy, healthy and safe addition to your organic mattress. buttons : {}, With a plush Euro top and comprised of layers of premium quality certified organic latex, and a premium individually-wrapped pocket coil system for support, the Awara mattress ranks at ‘Luxury Firm’ on the firmness scale. Latex is the most naturally durable cushioning material available. The Cotton Chic is a medium/firm mattress offering orthopaedic support due to the Ecogreen Orthopaedic core, the case is made of GOTS certified organic cotton. Thus, processing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, trading, and distribution qualify this latex-free organic mattress for an organic certification as an entire piece (not just parts of it). 1st Time in India – A Complete Natural Latex Mattress (Made of Organic Components) Latex is a naturally derived biodegradable product. media : {}, No additives, no synthetics, no chemicals—just soft, 100% GOTS certified organic wool, carefully layered under the 100% certified organic cotton cover of every Eco Terra latex mattress.We don’t skimp on quality and you won’t find any rayon, polyester, or chemical flame retardants. jQuery("#video_container hr:gt(2)").hide(); The gaps between the slats should be between 2 and 3 inches wide (5cm- 7.5cm). Fire retardant: Naturally fire retardant, no fire retardant chemicals used Cover: Organic certified wool and organic certified cotton, tape edged, removable and washable Latex density: Soft- 65kg per cubic meter, 4.2kPa, Medium- 75kg per cubic meter, 4.8kPa and Firm- 90kg per cubic meter, 5.8 kPa Comfort zones: 7 comfort zones Firmness rating: Available in Soft, Medium and Firm comfort rating Mattress thickness: Approximately 20cm, 18cm latex core with deep quilted cover Sizes: Available in all standard and custom sizes. You can rotate the mattress from top to bottom and flip it over once every month, this will ensure even wear and tear and will prolong its lifespan. Latex is a very resilient and durable materia So if you’re looking for a latex-free option check out the mattresses described above. The latex coir mattress is 16cm thick and is made with natural latex, coconut coir, organic cotton cover quilted with organic wool. Indeed, it not only means that the raw material (cotton) is organic. No nasty odours to live with (I'm very sensitive to chemicals and strange smells), no "bedding in" time (sorry, couldn't resist), just pure supportive, all natural and environmentally friendly bliss. Soft mattresses are suitable for children and very light people who enjoy sinking into the bed. location.href = "#tabid7"; Natural mattresses with genuine Cottonsafe® fabric – Cottonsafe® Natural Mattress Chemical free mattresses made from Cottonsafe® Cottonsafe® fabric is 100% natural, 100% biodegradable and 100% sustainable. The mattress comes in separate parts that you can customize to your preference during the assembly. ", "I love, love, love this mattress. This organic mattress is made out of wool and plant-based polylactide (PLA) materials; which have been quilted into the cover. Plus an organic mattress is totally, Luckily, there are still some authoritative and independent oversight bodies that can certify a mattress as organic. For details about our Organic Buckwheat Hulls, Organic Cotton, Green Cotton, Kapok, Pure Wool and Natural Latex, please visit this LINK! Natural properties of latex provide environment free from microorganisms, mites, bacteria and dust that generally cause number of allergies and inflammations. $('.fancybox-thumbs') }); Organic latex is a superb product which makes a wonderful, long lasting mattress. Using the mattress on a wider gap could cause damage and invalidates your guarantee. buttons : {}, We have four containers en-route, the first is due to arrive at Felixstowe any time now and the others to follow in late November- early December 2020. It is suitable for people weighing not more than 230 pounds and prefers sleeping on their sides. Privacy & Cookies The EcoCloud brand of mattress is a hybrid, with a medium feel for a soft and comfortable sleep. The latex is also GOLS-certified as organic, while the cover is made from a blend of natural cotton and GOTS-certified New Zealand wool. Sadly, green-washing is all too common in business. prevEffect : 'none', Genuine natural mattresses using Cottonsafe® fabric. /* Serenity Organic Latex Mattress. $('.fancybox-media') We know the feeling! This warranty includes a full replacement for the first 10 years for any issue that qualifies as a manufacturer's defect. It smells of nothing! This ensures mattress hygiene, quality in transit and improved delivery times. Firmness. In fact they go above and beyond on service, they deserve six stars plus. closeBtn : false, It's heavy as heck, get help in to get it up the stairs! The 7-zone structure never stops giving you the vital support to your head, shoulders, back, hips, legs, knees and ankles, that allows night long natural sleep. Presidio Organic Latex Mattress. Twin . Medium-plush feel. A summary of some of the health benefits of organic cotton, organic wool, and organic latex mattress are as follows: The latex, cotton, or wool that goes into the production of the organic mattress are grown naturally, and synthetic chemicals such as pesticides or fertilizers are not involved in the production process. Free Guide to the Benefits of Latex Mattresses. Size. Take extreme care whilst moving the mattress as the foam fillings can tear if grabbed or pulled on corners or edges. jQuery("#video_container a").not(".fancybox-media").text('View more videos...'); original latex mattresses, then we discovered these. The Select Sleep Organic 100% natural latex mattress is covered unconditionally in the case of manufacturing defects by our 20-year manufacturer's guarantee, excluding shipping costs. King . Organic latex, cotton and wool work together to create the perfect, natural sleep system. Organic cotton is a wonderful natural mattress material used throughout Happsy products. Why is Buying an Organic Mattress Important? It will be still compressed and you need to cut the bag closer to the heat seal, take extra care as the tool you use can damage the cover. Quick View. Our organic mattress uses 100% natural Talalay latex for the most resilient, consistent, and durable support you can count on. Disable animations, hide close button, arrows and slide to next gallery item if clicked Do not let children to jump on the mattress, it may damage it and will invalidate your guarantee. This feature makes it especially recommended for people who sleep hot. height : 50 Luckily, there are still some authoritative and independent oversight bodies that can certify a mattress as organic. num = jQuery("#video_container .row:visible").length; Additionally, the mattress has a non-chemical flame retardant certified by the SGS. Full . Latex is natural being harvested and made from rubber trees rather than a chemical process it is an eco-friendly and organic choice. Occasionally, we know you will want to return or replace items.For this we have a hassle-free returns policy and also offer double satisfaction guarantee.You have 35 days to try our mattress out. from £720.00. The term organic has become a key selling point these days against a backdrop of a consumer market shift favoring natural products. Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how organic mattresses can improve your sleep, let us first establish what exactly is an organic mattress? Made entirely from alternative, natural, & recycled materials. The rest of the components are synthetic and filled with chemicals, so much so that the product is toxic to your health, your family’s health and the environment. jQuery("#video_container .row:gt(2)").show('slow'); Latex by nature is inherently hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and water-resistant. Absolutely NO chemicals, so completely safe for your families' health. Good for guests, students, and kids as well, the organic futons are … media : {}, Choosing the right bed to go with your latex mattress. * Thumbnail helper. helpers : { prevEffect : 'none', Its supple and gentle feel adds character to the mattress and really helps create a connection to the earth. The Latex Core for this Futon Mattress features 2 inches of All Natural Firm Dunlop Latex surrounded by layers of soft and luxurious American grown USDA Certified Organic Cotton. What Else Can I Buy for My Bed that is Organic? Note, the organic materials (wool, cotton, latex, etc.) In all seriousness, once you try one of these to sleep on, nothing else will do. The entire mattress is wrapped in a cover made of breathable, GOTS-certified organic cotton. All our latex mattresses are certified as organic by the Soil Association. Check out our range of organic natural latex pillows, Certified Organic Mattress UK: Una Mattress, For an optimal browsing experience our site uses cookies. jQuery("#video_container hr:gt(2)").show('slow'); Awara Hybrid Organic Mattress, Non-Toxic, Chemical Free Dunlop Latex and Coil System, with Organic Cotton and New Zealand Wool Top, Premium Luxury Eco … Excluding Dunlopillo Beds and Dunlopillo Mattresses. Carefully cut the tape that holds the roll together and unroll the mattress while in its polythene bag. Website design by Iconography Ltd, Yanis Foams and Mattresses Ltd, 108 Chase Side London N14 5PH, "Didn't think we'd find a replacement for our very old (+/- 35 years!!!!) Organic latex core: Independently GOLS organic certified natural latex 15 cm height (Full mattress height 18 cm) Organic cover: Independently GOTS organic certified fabric made of 70% organic cotton and 30% organic wool. Made with 100% GOLS certified organic latex, 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and100% GOTS certified organic wool. jQuery("#video_container .row:gt(2)").hide('slow'); In this article, we will explore how an organic mattress can lead to a richer and safer sleep for you and your family. I've had it about 4-5 months now and couldn't be happier. // ]]>, Terms & Conditions Latex made in Pennsylvania. An inspired coupling of organic lambswool and natural latex means the Terrific delivers a balanced combination of support and comfort. Check out our range of organic natural latex pillows here. That is because of the nature of the latex, cotton, and wool they are made of naturally conform to the body’s shape and pressure points. Working from home? Do not tumble dry and do not dry clean it. at you need for a healthy night's sleep. The GOTS label on an organic cotton cover will say “Certified Covers-100@Organic Cotton.” Sometimes products will contain this label indicating the cover is organic and make it appear the entire mattress is. Still not happy? The mattress’s all-latex construction gives it both pressure-relieving cushion and sturdy resilience, allowing it to meet the needs of different sleepers regardless of their preferred sleeping positions. The PLA material is produced from sugarcane, cornstarch, and tapioca among other natural materials. You can return it to us provided it is returned undamaged, in the original wrapping/packaging. helpers : { }, I'm going back to them for a new pillow. Delivery into your home and to a room of your choice is a free service upon request and therefore we (or our sub-contractors) cannot be held liable for any damage to your property in delivery. That includes organic latex mattress’ ability to mold around the human body as you sleep, giving you more comfort. There are numerous options for organic pillows and bedding, which when all combined make for a healthier all-organic sleep. Lying down on it you just get that "ahhh" sensation of perfect comfort and mild bliss - every single time. It is free from latex, so the Pure Echo is the best choice for anyone that has a concern about latex allergies. As discussed, an organic mattress is hypoallergenic which is ideal for a baby’s cot. An organic mattress will give you more innate support compared to a conventional one. Natural latex has good resilience to provide a firm mattress for baby. The mattress can be used on any bed base- solid top divan, sprung edge divan, slatted or sprung slatted base. 7″ (175mm) thick INNATURE Organic Latex mattress featuring a 150mm solid Organic Natural Latex core in Soft density of 65kg/m3 wrapped in 500gsm pure NZ wool wadding, an internal cotton cover where all materials hand stitched together (no glue is used in the production). title : { This three layer mattress comprises 5cm natural latex, 5cm coir in the middle and 5cm natural latex. The 18cm natural latex core is finished with zip-off removable organic cotton cover quilted with layers of pure organic merino wool . Organic cotton giving superior support and a safe, non-toxic sleeping environment. If necessary you can easily spot clean with mild soap and water. jQuery(document).ready(function(e) { Cal King . The mattresses’ natural ability to regulate temperature makes them ideal for babies and toddlers’ beds. Plus an organic mattress is totally eco-friendly! PlushBeds is taking over the natural and organic latex mattress market and memory foam as well. Awara’s natural and organic latex offers body-contouring and pressure-point support. nextClick : true, Infants are particularly sensitive to their environment. The latex, cotton, or wool that goes into the production of the organic mattress are grown naturally, and synthetic chemicals such as pesticides or fertilizers are not involved in the production process. 2" thick in thickness. 4.0 out of 5 stars 15. If you require further advice, please contact us on 0208 450 7662. We hope you are delighted with your product from Latex Sense. $('.fancybox').fancybox({ #2. The Original Organic Latex Mattress is naturally breathable and feels cool in summer and warm in winter. //